02 May 2017

WindowBASE back at the FIT Show in 2017

Would you like to meet 14,000 potential customers? Then come and see Windowbase on stand K3 at the FIT Show, May 23rd -25th. OK, there won’t be 14,000 people crammed onto the stand, but visitors will be able to try the national window database for themselves, for free. That’s 14,000 current, accurate-as-possible records of companies who could become your customers.

And if 14,000 records sounds daunting, it’s a simple matter to select just the prospects you need. Companies within 25 miles? No problem. Synseal installers in the Midlands, or VEKA fabricators in the North? Easy! The Windowbase stand offers the ideal opportunity to see how simple it is to find the The Windowbase stand offers the ideal opportunity to see how simple it is to find the leads you need and avoid chasing dead ends.

Windowbase is the UK’s only prospect data supplier 100% dedicated to the window market; the only one to have been researching the industry continuously for over 25 years. In-house interviewers make thousands of calls a year to validate contact details, products, system and supplier information to ensure the data it provide is as accurate and current as it’s possible to be. Windowbase provides names, addresses, phone and fax numbers and e-mail addresses along with details of company size, products and systems used and activities.

“The information can easily be tailored to requirements,” explains Neil Parsonson, Windowbase Database Manager. “So if you are looking to target a specific market sector we can provide that information and that’s all you pay for. Our data is great for direct marketing by email, post, fax or phone and you can even add information to our records that no one else can see. Don’t waste time and effort chasing leads in companies that have gone away, ceased trading or changed ownership. That is simply money down the drain. Accurate and up-to-date information is invaluable and essential when looking for new business.”

For more information on Windowbase call on 01453 845717 or follow on Twitter @WindowbaseLtd.