18 Jun 2015

Five reasons for direct mail

When it comes to getting your marketing message across, email can be very effective. It’s instant and the cost is minimal. We’re all for it. But before you ditch ‘snail’ mail for digital, consider these five points, as there’s a place for both.

It’s more likely to stand out.
Digital marketing is all the rage, but while our inboxes are becoming flooded with emails, it’s harder to make your message stand out from the crowd. With less mail dropping through letterboxes, each mailed item stands out and is instantly seen.

It’s more likely to get opened.
According to research by Royal Mail, more than 92% of direct mail was opened last year, which is significantly higher than the average industry email open rate. With direct mail, every knoBusiness man opening direct mail incentivewn window fabricator, installer and trade counter can be reached directly, which is something that cannot be done by email, so include it in your marketing mix.

It’s more likely to be remembered.
Apparently the part of the brain in charge of storing long-term memories is over 70% more active when we read direct mail than when watching TV, and 40% more active than when checking email, says a report from the Direct Marketing Association. Given that direct mail will hang around in people’s offices a lot longer than email does in overcrowded inboxes, it has a far better chance of making a lasting impression.

It’s more likely to get a response.
Royal Mail reports that 48% of people took action after receiving direct mail last year, a response rate over 30 times more effective than email. A recent study from BrandScience showed that online campaigners saw a 62% uplift when combined with posted mail. It’s personal, direct, and unlike email where many firms will only provide a generic ‘info@’ address, postal mail will more often be sent directly to a named decision maker. So always think about combining email with direct mail.

It’s more likely to keep your customers.
Global research agency, Millward Brown, report that print messages engage the brain more deeply and emotionally than with people online. In fact, 57% of people agree that receiving direct mail makes them feel more valued. There’s no better feeling than holding that tangible offer in your hand and considering it. Your customers and prospects will have stronger trust in you as a business when receiving that personally addressed direct mail.

Want to ensure your direct marketing campaigns are a success?

Then it’s important to consider several things. Firstly, your campaign needs to be relevant, creative and targeted. People believe direct mail is costly and time consuming, but when done correctly the payback is huge. After all, what is the point in using a cheap digital marketing channel if it’s not giving you the best results? We aren’t recommending you ditch email; your success lies in an effective method of combining several elements of the marketing mix so that each one supplements the others. Direct mail is more of an investment than any other type of marketing, which is why adopting the right approach is essential. Using trusted, reliable data, provided by a reputable source such as Windowbase, will ensure you have a powerful tool to build your campaign.

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