Email marketing service

Our marketing partners offer a full e-shot service to customers. Sending e-shots is not as easy as you might think. There are many pitfalls that could result in your emails being junked or rejected – or delivered looking very different to how you expected. Email marketing has several stages but our marketing partners make it quick, easy and effective.

Creating your copy

Whether you want a colourful message, with images and various type sizes, or a simple text email that looks more like a normal business message than an advertisement, our WindowBASE partners can design and create the copy for you. They know the many pitfalls to avoid and how to ensure your copy looks good on any type of device. Different copy treatments or product offers can be tested alongside each other, with half the people being sent one version and the rest a different version (known as a ‘split test’ or ‘AB testing’) to see if one achieves a better response than the other. They can also personalise each email in the subject line and body copy. This is especially useful where firms only provide generic email addresses as it enables you to clearly target the message to the intended recipient.

Selecting your targets

Now export the records you want to target, or one of our partners will do it for you, and you’re off!

Sending out the emails

It’s best practice to send an initial test e-shot which you or our partners will do for you, to make sure you are happy with the copy, and that any personalisation and links all work. Once approved, they will import the email addresses to the e-shot system and send out your e-shot at a time and date of your choosing. The mail server is so powerful that it can send several thousand emails in less than a minute.

Post-campaign reporting

Over the next few days, our partners will monitor the statistics and send you a summary report showing how many e-shots were delivered, how many were opened, which links were followed and how many people unsubscribed. If any recipient asks to unsubscribe, tell us and we’ll manage unsubscribe requests to ensure people are not contacted again. It’s all part of the service!

To find out more and see Prospect Manager in action contact one of our marketing partners:


01332 559406

023 8033 2675