Each one has the company’s name, address, phone number and senior contact name, usually the MD or owner. In addition, our records contain fax numbers, e-mail addresses and extensive details of each company’s size, activities, products, materials and systems used.

We only use email addresses that are given to our researchers. This means email delivery rates using our data are exceptionally high and over 80% of WindowBASE records currently have an email address.

The majority of records are head offices but we also include regularly-staffed satellite showrooms. These can be identified separately and are a great way of ensuring your products and literature are used to the best effect.

No company is added to WindowBASE until one of our experienced researchers has undertaken a telephone interview and established whether a firm meets our criteria. We have a minimum ‘threshold’ of information for all new records. If firms decline to supply even one of these pieces of information, the record if rejected and returned to our files. It is then recalled at intervals until we can persuade the firm to provide the missing details, after which it can be added to WindowBASE.

We call every company on WindowBASE on a regular basis, to ensure the information is as up to date and accurate as possible. However, what sets us apart from almost every other database company is that other than the contact details, our researchers work from blank questionnaires – even though we already have extensive information relating to their activities and products. The information collected is then contrasted with what we already hold and any significant changes are double-checked before the new results are uploaded to WindowBASE.