The window materials debate…

What it’s about and why?

Some treat trends like fashions; extras you can take or leave that make little difference.

But finding your business on the wrong side of a trend or being among the last to wake up to it can be expensive and damaging.

This report tells the story of three window materials, and the story’s not over…

Fabricator & Installer Trends…

The total number of firms in the database follows the rise and fall of market trends; increasing from 8729 in 2001 to a peak 14,629 in 2017, before falling back to over 13,200 in 2023.

The report’s analysis shows how much has changed in the last 20 years nationally and regionally, by type of business and by window material.

2006-23 Material Trends…

The report provides an interesting insight into the industry over nearly 2 decades:

The percentage of firms installing PVCu has fallen significantly in every region since 2006.

The percentage of firms installing aluminium has risen significantly in every region since 2006.

Trends in timber are mixed with the percent of firms installing timber falling in four regions since 2006, while being broadly stable in the other eight regions.

UK’s leading sales app data…

From one-man bands to nationals and from the highlands to the Channel Islands, Tommy Trinder has established itself as the go to app for installers. This report shares insights gleaned from analysis of more than 80,000 items quoted on Tommy every month, by 550 of the UK’s leading window firms.

What do the trends tell us?

Download the report to find out!

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What the industry’s saying…

“Amidst the fog of PR hype and competing opinions, it’s not been easy to see where the market is going. So, the publication of this report is to be welcomed. It establishes the facts and trends very clearly. The trend is strongly towards aluminium, accelerated by new competition which has forced more product development in the last two years than in the previous 20.”
Roger Hartshorn, CEO, Garnalex.

“The report is a definitive look at long-term trends and the here and now, produced by two window & door industry experts. It’s likely to become an invaluable reference for businesses that want to understand the market and where it’s likely to go next.”
Rob McGlennon, MD, Deceuninck UK

“That is a really interesting report. Masses of really interesting information.”
Nick Dutton, CEO, Brisant Secure

“You certainly know how to get a debate going in the industry 😊 Our Sheerline aluminium window and door sales are very strong, in fact in a PVC market that’s down 15-20% year on year Aluminium is up for us by 25% so bucking the current market trends.”
Roy Frost, Group MD, GJB Group.

“Very interesting Mike, and well put together. No blocks of text, as no one reads anything anymore, so good and clear.”
Barry Shevlin, MD, Global Home Improvements.

“The UK fenestration sector, unlike the European and US markets, has, until now, been lacking genuinely useful and actionable research and data. This is important for business owners to make informed decisions and to act on them, rather than go simply on gut instinct. This report is going to allow many to action and execute on decision which may very well be key in the coming 12 months.”
Jason Grafton-Holt, Founder, The Double Glazing Blogger

“An insightful report on the window and door market and how the sector has evolved over the years in areas of innovation, material, colour, attitudes and much more.  If you need answers to the big questions about the industry, products, companies, long term trends, regional differences, and prices then this is the ‘go-to’ report. Compact, authoritative, and interesting.”
Lucia di Stazio, Group Marketing Strategy & Communications Director, Encon Group.

“This 26 page WindowBASE-Tommy Trinder Windows & Door report is authoritative and packed with accessible facts and useful insights. And it’s easy on the eye. Keep it handy for your marketing and business planning!”
Andy Ball, CEO, Balls2Marketing

“Great report. Good read.”
Chris Tahmasaby, Chief Executive Officer, ICAAL