05 Jan 2015

Windowbase celebrates 25th anniversary with new website

Windowbase has unveiled its new website! “It has a clean, fresh look and is easy to navigate,” comments Database Manager Neil Parsonson, “and it also includes essential tips for marketers in the window industry on using direct mail and email for maximum impact.”

Neil adds: “2014 brought Windowbase a move to new premises, new staff and growth in both subscriptions to our prospect data and one-off purchases for individual campaigns. This year we’re celebrating our 25th anniversary with a series of new initiatives, starting with our website!”

Windowbase is the only prospect data supplier 100% dedicated to the window industry. It has pioneered the accurate researching and presentation of prospect data for window fabricators and installers in the UK and has been supplying the industry for 25 years. For more information contact Neil Parsonson on 01453 845717 or email info@windowbase.info.