What does WindowBASE data cost?

In reality, WindowBASE data should not cost you anything. Used effectively, it will enable you to generate additional income and profits that will far outstrip what we charge.

However we appreciate you need to pay for it and the cost will depend on several factors. These include the types of firms you want, the number of records and how you want to access the information (online via Prospect Manager or printed name and address labels). The easiest thing is to give us a call on 01453 845 717 so we can learn a bit more about your plans – and make recommendations that best fit your needs. Alternatively, fill out the form below and we’ll give you a quote on that basis.

Data on Prospect Manager is available on a monthly subscription basis, with a minimum period of 12 months.

Alternatively, we provide sets of single-use, self-adhesive mailing labels. These can be accompanied by an optional printed contact list, to enable a mailing to be followed up by telephone canvassing

Whichever way you want to access our information, the more records you take, the lower the cost-per-record becomes.

Please send me a quote!

Just tell us the types of firms you want to target (fabricators, installers or a mix of both), the materials (wood, aluminium or PVC-U or a mix), which areas you would like to target (eg. UK, specific regions, selected postal areas or provide a rough description of where you want to target) and how you want the data provided.

To get your free quote email us on info@windowbase.info or fill in the form below:

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